Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Back on the wagon

Alright I'm back, sorry for the delay. I will be honest Christmas break was rough on me.  My schedule was broken up with just enough free time to sit in the couch and snack.  My break was then extended with 4 snow days, one of which was spent at Harry's, great time, bad on the diet.... By last week I just didn't feel very good about myself. At. All.  In fact I felt disgusting.
Enough excuses! This week I am doing much better, I have tracked everyday since Monday and stayed under my calorie goal.  I also worked out on Monday.  Today I decided to treat myself with some root beer, I took 2 sips and dumped it... Waaaay to sweet.  Hopefully this holds up, I am feeling very committed. I plan to enter the school's Biggest Loser competition this week, it runs through March.  Time for bed, I feel like I'm starting to ramble.  Good night and happy 2014!!